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How to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 77

QuickBooks Error – 6000, -77

QuickBooks is a premium accounting software in the world. The smooth functioning of QuickBooks is paramount to your business and accounts. In your use of QuickBooks, there is a possibility that you will encounter a few errors. QuickBooks Error 6000 77 is one of them.

What is QuickBooks Error 6000 77?

As a part of QuickBooks Error 6000 -77, you will see “Error 6000 77” appearing and crashing in the active program window. Some problems associated with this error include crashing of open windows and programs, Windows running slowly or sluggishly, and the computer freezing or crashing in the middle of a program of function.

This can happen due to several reasons. It can be due to an incomplete installation of QuickBooks. It can be due to corruption in Windows files. This can also be due to a virus or malfunction. It is important to resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 77 to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of your business.

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 77?

1. Rename .ND and .TLG files

.ND and .TLG are configuration files that allow QuickBooks Desktop to access the company file(s) in a network or in multi-user mode. You might have trouble opening QuickBooks Desktop due to corrupted or damaged .ND or .TLG files.

  • Open the folder that contains your company file.
  • Find the files with the same name as your company file but with extensions .ND and .
  • Right-click .nd/.tlg file.
  • Choose Rename.
  • Add “.old” after the file extension.
  • Press Enter.

2. Instead of the mapped drive, use UNC path

  • Right-click the QuickBooks icon on your desktop.
  • Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard.
  • Choose Run as Administrator.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key until you have the No Company Open window.

Pressing the Ctrl key prevents QuickBooks Desktop from auto-opening a company file.

  • Select Open or Restore Company from the File menu.
  • Open a company file.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Network.
  • Go to the location of your company file.

If you are unable to locate the folder where the company file is saved, you may need to set folder permissions.

  • Select the company file and click Open.

3. Recreate the damaged folder

  • On your C: drive, create a new folder.
  • Go to where the company file is saved.
  • Open the folder.
  • Find the .qbw file.
  • Right-click the .qbw file.
  • Select Copy.
  • Open the new folder.
  • Paste the file.
  • Set the access permissions on Windows to share company files.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open the file from the new location.

These are the different steps you can take to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 77.

If the error is too difficult to resolve manually, instant dial QuickBooks Error Support Desk Number +1-877-263-2742 for technical assistance.

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